Meet the Burkmans

Hey there! We are the Burkman Family from Frisco, TX

We are holiday enthusiasts who are quirky, competitive, and fun. Decorating for the holidays has always been a “thing” in our household. No matter how much money we had to buy decorations – you were bound to find lights, glitter, and possibly a decorated tree for every holiday! Let’s meet the family!

Corey grew up in Northern California and Boise, Idaho. Corey was a part of large family where holidays were special but not as festive as his home is today. Corey is a Sales Designer in his professional life. He enjoys hanging out in his pool, spending time with his family, and watching a great comedy on TV. Corey makes sure the family stays grounded during the holidays so their crazy design ideas don’t get too out of control. Corey and Jen met in Boise and married in 1998. They have lived in Idaho, Utah, and have called themselves Texans since 2013.

Jen grew up in the Detroit area and Boise, Idaho. Jen’s mom and dad met in a craft store, which pretty much sums up why she loves to build and design things! Jen is a HR Professional for a large corporation. She is known for her buttercream cakes and love for power tools. Sitting still is not an option for Jen, which is why most people have given her the nickname of “Leslie Nopes” (Parks and Rec).

Alex is the 1st born in the Burkman family! At the age of 2, Alex found a deep love for Christmas lights and always had to have some in his bedroom and playroom. Alex has always loved working with his hands and found a talent for electrical construction. Following High School, Alex completed his college education in Electrical Construction and Energy Efficiency – specifically Solar Technology. He was accepted into an internship with a popular Electric Vehicle and Energy Sustainability company resulting in his first professional career role with the same company working with Electric Vehicles. Alex now resides in Memphis, Tennessee.

Jack was born in 2002. Jack has always had a creative eye and focus on perfection! He is very computer savvy and enjoys gaming with his friends. He may have not been as “in love” with Christmas as his mom and big brother but that didn’t mean he doesn’t love the spectacle and beauty of Christmas lights. Jack is a great thought partner when it comes to process and flow – he helps his mom map out events and logistics. Jack is currently a retail professional working more than full time. Just like his mom, he enjoys staying busy!

Eugene, better known as Sanpa is our resident Santa Claus. He has been a Christmas enthusiasts for most of his adult life. Gene made holidays special for his kids and is known to do things bigger and bigger (this is probably where Jen gets her competitive spirit from). He actually competes annually in a Christmas in August competition at his summer home. Gene is a snowbird –residing in Texas 6 months out of the year. Retired from Ford Motor Company, Gene enjoys to work with his hands and being a resident/community handy man in his spare time. He has a knack for conversations and enjoys sharing his stories with anyone that has time to sit and talk!