2021 Sponsored Charity

The Hunter Family

We are so excited to introduce our 2021 sponsored family. Meet the Hunter family from Frisco, TX! They are an amazing family that has learned to face adversity with strength and spirit, and have found a way to give back during all their struggles.

Liyana, who is 15 years old, was diagnosed with epilepsy at six months old. During her hospital stays in Boston, where she received six different brain surgeries, Liyana often found herself playing with toys that were missing parts, or looking at very bare hospital room walls. So she decided to take care of that herself.

She started her own foundation, raising money and collecting toys to purchase games and other fun items for the kids to play with. On top of that, she started collecting and purchasing wall decals from donations to brighten up the rooms for these amazing kiddos so they have something fun to look at while they’re in their rooms.

Liyana Continues to go through medical treatments and the family is preparing to head back to Boston in a couple months. The family is also facing some other challenges medically (physical and cognitive) with other members of their family. It’s such an honor to help this family and to also help Liyana’s foundation grow!

You can read more about Liyana and the LiyanaStrong Foundation by following this link:

Donations are being accepted at the display, as well as through our donations page.